I’ve been going out and walking lately, as usual. But I’ve been going to places where there’s less people – on purpose. But I thought to myself, I really need to walk around some towns, mainly for my mental health, because the last thing I want is for my social phobia to take over me again. So I forced myself to do some walking around some towns the past few days, the first day I was actually a bit uneasy walking through town, and it was a reminder to myself to at least walk around town some times, not all the time, but some times at the very least, just to keep the social phobia at bay. I control it now and I don’t want it taking over my life again. I’m going out a bit less now as I don’t go to the place I used to go to anymore. So I do need to keep a balance, walk around more secluded places, because that’s what I prefer, but also to walk around town a bit, even if I don’t feel like it. I put in a lot of hard work to get my social phobia under control and I’m not letting that take me over again.