My Doctor rang me a couple of days ago. I didn’t even have an appointment, she just rang to see how I was. And people wonder why I think so highly of her, there’s not many doctors who would ring you without an appointment to see how you are. I know because I’ve seen other doctors. She is just not like anyone I have ever met, and that’s whether it’s a doctor or anyone else, she is just amazing. Anyway it was a short call, because I really didn’t have much to report, it’s been a quiet couple of weeks for me. i asked how she was, I don’t want her getting stressed out with everything that’s going on, so it’s important to see how she is feeling as well.

I really haven’t done much at all, I’ve been going out for walks on my own, when it hasn’t been raining too much of course, but other than that, it’s been pretty quiet. Moods have been surprisingly stable lately, anxiety is still not the best, I have good days and bad days.


I’ve neglected this site for a month here, but there we go, just been ultra lazy. Past month has been fairly good for the most part. Had some phone calls off my Doc, a couple of them I didn’t even have an appointment, she just rung to see how I was doing, which means the world to me. She said maybe sometime in spring I could possibly go and see her, depending on how things go with the vaccine and all that. Christmas went well, quiet and relaxing, it was actually a good day, better than last years. New Year I hate and just sleep through. Moods have been pretty okay, anxiety still hasn’t been that good, I’m still getting anxiety, so overall it’s not great. I’m just trying to manage the anxiety as best as I can. I go out every morning in the cold winter air, which I love. Only for an hour or so, just walking by myself, trying to avoid people. Other than that not much else really has been happening.