20-6-20 [2]

Interesting article. The positive effects in that graphic and article are consistent with what I feel, but I must say that I have never felt any sense of guilt or shame after I have self harmed. So it’s not really like a vicious circle for me, I don’t feel bad about self harming, which then gives me negative feelings and leads to more self harm, I don’t get any sort of regret after I self harm. I do it mainly because I feel depressed, and sometimes for other reasons, like being angry about something for example. Afterwards – No shame or guilt whatsoever. My scars I look at as my battle scars, that I’m fighting the illnesses that I have.

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  1. The only time I ever feel guilty ig s when someone ends up finding out, only because I know it hurts them to see, but for me it’s always been a tool that really helps to manage my pain, my stress and emotions, and helps me sleep

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