I saw another mental health worker last week. It was good. I talked to her for around 30 minutes, she did introduce me to the idea of going to some self help classes. I’m not sure if I will, I’ve been thinking about it, I suppose it would be nice to get out a bit more and do something different. But the other side of me that doesn’t like mixing is not too keen on the idea. I do sometimes feel that I need more in my life than I have now. But then the other side of me thinks that I should just stay isolated and keep doing self destructive things. So I’m just thinking of things at the moment. She referred me to see someone else. I have an appointment with the new Lady this week, which I am looking forward to.

15-10-19 [2]

Been feeling okayish lately, sort of a 5 on a scale of 1-10. I haven’t self harmed for nearly 2 months now, but it’s coming, I really want to, but there’s been some stuff happening and it’s just not been very convenient still so I can’t right now, but when things get a bit quieter I will then.

Still been going out, flashing those fake smiles. Some people still causing me problems, just either being cheeky bastards, or trying to take advantage of me. I also have been watching out for people following me when I’m walking which is irritating to say the least.

Loving the Autumn, what a beautiful time of year, I love it, turning cold, great to walk in. Getting darker, I love it.