Saw the Doc this morning. She asked me how my moods have been, which I said that they haven’t been too good and that I feel like self harming. I would have last week, except there was quite a lot of stuff going on in my home, so it wasn’t really convenient. But i told her I probably will soon, once things settle down a bit. She asked me was there anything that I needed – meaning dressings and stuff, which I said no I don’t think so. Now that is great support, offering me dressings, that’s the kind of support that you need. She was great, as usual. I see her again in just under 3 weeks.

Apart from that not much to say, my moods have been shit, I’m going to self harm soon. I am appearing “normal” to other people, they have no idea that I am not feeling too good, which actually makes me feel good, that they don’t know.

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