Not much has been happening, I haven’t posted any thoughts for a while, things have been pretty smooth, no bad depressive episodes. I do love winter time so the cold weather has been very enjoyable for me. I saw the Doc a few weeks back, which was great, I see her again on January 8th. Funny thing happened to me a few days ago, someone asked me out for a drink… strange. Sad thing is, she’s a bit of fruit loop, I don’t feel any attraction whatsoever, so that was pretty funny, I just said to her “nah” and that was that.

So that’s about it. I’m ready for Christmas and the New Year, doesn’t really affect me either way nowadays.

17-12-18 – New Stuffs!

OK, I got a few things today. Firstly, Non Serviam The Official story of Rotting Christ Book boxset from Cult Never Dies, and what a beauty it is too. The book itself, some photo prints, a guitar pick, a bookmark, a bottle opener, and a shirt. Really impressed. The book is smaller than I imagined it was going to be, which is not a bad thing. Beautiful boxset. I also got the Cult Never Dies zine/catalogue 2018/2019, which is free from them, and which features a good interview with Tom G Warrior.


I also got these. Absent/Minded – Raum CD from the band, sweet!

Sinister Downfall – Eremozoic CD from Funere, excellent album! I had a freebie CD from them too – From The Vastland – Daevayasna.