3-11-18 [3]

Saw Doc H. yesterday afternoon, it was good. I told her about self harming, and let her see the bruising on my leg. We had a good talk after that. I also had a review of my medication with her, and she took my height weight, blood pressure, all that stuff. She’s a top Doctor. I told her I will self harm again soon, and I plan on going in the same area, because I think I’ll get better bruising by going into somewhere that hasn’t fully healed, that’s my theory anyway. I did feel great when I left the appointment, felt good when I got home. I see her again in 4 weeks, which is fine, she did ask if 4 was okay and I said yeah alright. She did ask me if I could maybe try and not self harm for a longer period of time than last time, I said yeah I’ll try.

So like I said, I got some great bruising from my last self harm, it’s yellow and quite dark in places, a nice big round patch, I feel good when I look at it. I don’t know when I’ll do it again, when the mood takes me I suppose.

Other than that, not much else happened this week, weather has been nice and cold, nights are dark early now, which I love. Nice atmosphere.

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