I went to see Dr. H yesterday, it was a good visit. I gave her a card and a box of chocolates for her birthday, and doubly as a thank you for being supportive these past 6 months or so. She seemed really thankful for them which made me feel good. She had a look at my leg, where I inserted the needles a couple of days ago. She was supportive, I said I had a lot of fun doing it, she said to try and space out the amount of times I do it, not to do it too often. I said I was thinking of buying bigger needles, which, obviously she didn’t really want me to. I like how my Doctors don’t tell me what I can or can’t do, because if I’m going to self harm, I’ll do it no matter what anyone says. They just give me support, they may be trying to stop me from doing it through talking therapy and such, and listening and giving advice, which I don’t mind. I just like that I’m not being told what I can and can’t do, but that I’m getting good support.

Today was fairly good, went out for a while, weather is getting colder now, which I love. I was thinking a little bit about needles today, when I’m going to do more, I was thinking about going up from 10 to maybe 15, I don’t know yet. I’ve only got 10 left anyway, need to buy some more at some point.

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