Saw Doc H. yesterday. It was good, had a chat about self harm and suicide. I’ve been seeing her for nearly 7 months now while Doc P. is away and she’s doing well, not saying anything wrong, she’s done good. She thanked me for the chocolates and card that I gave her for her birthday, which was nice, it made me feel good that she appreciated them. It’s good to have at least one person that you can talk to openly about things like suicide for example, without there being any awkwardness or judgemental words being spoken. Like I said, she’s doing very well, I like talking to her.

I asked her if she had heard from Dr P. and she said yes they have and that Dr P. is coming back to work after Christmas, which I was sooooo happy to hear. She said that Doc P. will be working less sessions because of her 2 children now, which is fair enough. I don’t mind, as long as she’s there, even if it is less sessions, as long as I can see her I’m happy. I have clicked with Dr P., she’s closer to a friend to me than a Doctor. I’m really missing her, which is unusual for me, I very rarely miss people, but I do miss her.