3-4-18 – Last Week.

So last week, a bit up and down. One good thing was that I saw my Doctor on Wednesday, a good visit. I’m still getting used to her though so haven’t totally relaxed and opened up yet, but I do like her, so I think I will be alright soon, just takes a bit of adjusting.

My anxiety has been bad these past few days. I’m not worrying about anything, I’m getting the physical symptoms, feeling jumpy inside. Butterflies. Tingly. Hot. It’s starting to really irritate me now, I started feeling this way on Friday I think it was, just a few small “jumps” inside of me. Still had it on Saturday. Then on Sunday afternoon I nearly had a panic attack, I managed to stop that. But i’m still feeling some physical symptoms, I wish it would stop now. It was fine when i went out walking this morning. But of course, I’m sitting around the house now in the afternoon and I’m getting the symptoms again. I just hope it starts to pass soon.

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