This week has been patchy I think. On Monday I felt really depressed, was having some serious self harm thoughts. On Tuesday it eased a bit, but I still didn’t feel that good.

Wednesday was a pretty good day, I saw my new Doctor, Dr H. She is very nice, polite, friendly and seems really interested in my mental health. We only talked for a short time, it was just a basic meet and introduction type of appointment, I was a bit nervous, I never know how well I’m going to get on with a Doctor until I meet them. I think I’m going to get on well with her. She’ll give me good support until my usual Doc gets back. She said that she’s happy to continue what I was doing with Dr. P, that is seeing her every two weeks. So I was happy when I left. Maybe in the next few appointments I’ll tell her more.

Thursday was fairly good I suppose, and today, Friday, has been sort of neutral I think. Appearing alright to other people but feeling unhappy inside.

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