Saw my Doc yesterday. She said to me that it was probably the last time I’d see her for 6 months as she’s taking her maternity leave starting from next week. I’m feeling down about it. I was fine when I was with her – it’s very important to hold it together in front of someone. But I came home and after an hour or two it sunk in and I thought “I’m not going to see her for 6 months”. Which made me feel down. She gave me a lovely hug, an extra long one because I won’t see her for so long. She said she’s going to miss me too, which was nice of her to say. She said she’s hoping it’ll only be 6 months that she’s off, she’ll just have to see what the baby is like, she may have to take a little bit more off, but hopefully only 6 months she said. I just hope this 6 months goes really fast, I’m going to miss her loads. I tell her everything, she’s the only one here who I tell everything to so it’s going to be harder without her. I can’t wait for her to come back and she’s not even gone off yet. I’m going to see Dr. H while she is away. I have an appointment with her in a few weeks. As I’ve said before Dr. H looks nice so hopefully I can talk to her too, we’ll see. I’m a very clicky person, I only click with very few & certain people, insomuch as being able to tell them everything, so like I say I’ll meet the new Doc in a few weeks, and see how I go. I hope everything goes well for Dr. P though and that she’s happy with her new baby. I’m just going to miss her!

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