Well, I done the right thing this morning. I went down the Surgery and told the receptionist I had an appointment, told her the time, my name etc.. And I said can you check if it’s with Dr. P, so she checks and says no, it’s with a new lady Doctor here. So I says Oh, can you cancel it then please, and she says yeah ok. So she cancels and asks me if I want to make an appointment with Dr. P, so I says yes please. So she makes a new one for next Wednesday at 10.30am. I’m really glad I went down there to check now. My little hunch on Saturday was correct, I had a feeling they might have booked me in with a different Doctor. Glad I got it sorted. A little irritated I’ll have to wait another week and a half to see my Doc, but at least I sorted it by myself. I’ll just have to be patient and wait.

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