Today has been quite nice, went for a nice walk this morning. It was foggy, and misty with bits of rain in the air, quite chilly. A lovely winter’s day. Took some pictures as well. Enjoyed that walk, it was good.

I felt anxious early this morning, before I went out because I suddenly thought to myself, did they book me in with Dr. P on Monday. Because when they rebooked the appointment over the phone, they only said what day and time it was, so of course I assumed that it would be with my Doc, but I didn’t actually say to them is that with Dr. P? I get extremely nervous and anxious on the phone, and as a result I sometimes forget to say things, and I feel flustered and rushed. I hate it. Anyway, I was worried for a little while, but then I thought to myself, my appointment is 9.50am, so I’ll go down there at 8am when they open and double check if my appointment is with Dr P., if so then fine I’ll go back later, if it’s not with her, I’ll cancel and make a new appointment. I know it’s a bit short notice, but I’m not seeing anyone else. I felt a bit better after thinking of doing that. I hate it when I forget things because I’m anxious on the phone, happens all the time.

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