Had 2 phonecalls today. First one was from J who works over the club, she told me that she had to put her dog to sleep yesterday. So sad. I told her how sorry I was, and that she did the right thing because he was in a lot of pain. Still sad though. It makes me feel sad thinking about it, it brings back a lof of memories of when I had to go through that and how much pain and hurt it caused me. So she has the most sympathy I can give her. Poor ole dog, it’s the worst thing, watching an animal get old and frail, but still wanting to do what they did when they were younger but they can’t anymore. But they never complain, they always keep fighting. So I had that on my mind in the morning, just thinking how sad I feel for her, and how many sad memories it brought back to me.

I did manage to feel better in the afternoon. I got my second phonecall in the afternoon, and it was the surgery saying my appointment with the Doc tomorrow morning had to be cancelled, I was really disappointed, I couldn’t wait to see her. On the plus side though, it was re-arranged and I only have to wait until next Monday, so not too long to wait I suppose. Still, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Other than that, a quiet day, nice and cold out, had a nice walk.

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