5-1-18 – This Week

So this week was actually a pretty good week. I got to see my Doctor on Wednesday and it was really great, we had a nice chat, talked about some things, I left feeling good. I see her again in the usual two weeks. It’s funny, but I think that she thinks she’s not really doing much for me, but I know she’s helping keep me (relatively) sane. I was going to self harm back at the end of October, and the appointment I had with her stopped me from self harming, so she’s helping me more than she realises.

The year’s started off well. The last month of last year was really great. I met someone, the sweetest girl I’ve ever met, she is a really amazing person. I’ve never met anyone like her, such a caring person. And it’s nice now because with her, I now have two people who give me amazing and strong support, and you can never have enough support. Even though I’ve only known her for a month or so, she’s given me more support than some other people have given me in a much longer time. So yes I now have 2 people to fall back on for support when I need it.

Other than that, not much else happened, helped out over the club a little bit today, which was good, I like at least trying to help as best as I can, especially when they are good to me. Weather is nice and cold, bit too windy though, and I hate that because it messes my hair up when I go out walking.

New year was quiet (which I like), went to bed early.

All in all a good week overall.

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