17-12-17 – Last Week.

Last week was pretty good. Saw my Doc on Tuesday, it was a lovely visit. I gave her some Christmas gifts for being so supporitve to me this year, I gave her a card, a box of chocolates, a candle for her and the baby and a marble coaster with her name engraved on it. She was very happy. She said she was professionally cross with me because their not supposed to accept gifts off patients, but privately she said she was very happy and pleased. I felt awesome giving her those gifts, it made me happy, she’s given me so much support and help this year, I had to give her something to show her how much I appreciate all she’s doing for me.

Other than that nothing much else happened, it was nice and cold last week, which I love, there’s not a lot better than going out walking when it’s freezing cold.

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