31-12-17 – Last Week.

Last week was pretty good. Christmas went pretty well. A bit tiring having to spend all that time with family, I need time on my own after a certain amount of time. But it was Okay. Had some nice gifts. So, overall the week was not too bad.

The highlight of this week is going to see my Doc, I’m really looking forward to seeing her, I see her on Wednesday, can’t wait. Got a few things to talk to her about, and I want to see how her holidays went.


Feeling good today, sorted out a problem I had yesterday. I acted very bad yesterday, I was very childish and stupid with someone very special. I should not act like that with someone who’s been so caring with me. It was not one of my best moments, but we sorted it out and I apologised. So I’m feeling good now that it’s all sorted.