26-11-17 – Last Week.

Last week was pretty good. Saw the dentist on Tuesday afternoon, 2pm appointment. It was nice getting out at a different time of the day for a change. I’m so used to going out early in the morning, it was just good going out at a different time, different atmosphere. Then I saw my Dr. on Wednesday morning, had a brilliant chat with her, as always, I feel so free when I’m with her. I’m a different person with everyone else than I am with her.

Other than that not much else happened. People irritated me over the club, as per usual, I feel like smacking them on the head sometimes, people are the scourge of this world.

I have blood tests this week – on Tuesday morning, then the dentist again on Thursday. Looking forward to both. I like having my blood taken, it’s like a small self harming session, and I love the little bruise I get afterwards.

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