16-11-17 [4]

Not much to report. Most exciting thing that happened this week was my visit to the dentist on Monday morning. Which went very well. The dentist wanted me to have dentures for my last two molars on the top left of my mouth that I had out in the past, so I said yeah okay. So she took the moulds on that visit, and I have to go back 3 more times. The dentist herself was lovely… really, really nice. First time I’ve seen her. She had a lovely accent, is from another country, and I enjoy meeting ladies from other countries, so that was nice. It was also great to have the dentist and the nurse fussing over me for 20 minutes, I’m guilty, I do like having pretty ladies fussing over me.

That’s about it, moods have been fairly stable for the most part, although I still get the feelings of “why am I here” now and again for short periods, sometimes an afternoon, sometimes an evening, sometimes an hour, it varies. It’s also really difficult dealing with people, they’re so stupid and inconsiderate, it makes things so much harder.

So next week I get to see my Doc on Wednesday morning, looking forward to that. And I see the dentist a day before, on the Tuesday.

I’ve bought my Doc a card and chocolates so far for Christmas, and I’m going to get a couple more things, I’m excited to get her things, she’s helped me more this year than anyone, so she deserves it.

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