23-10-17 – Last Night.

Had a bit of a weird night last night. Was watching TV, and fell asleep between 10-10.30pm, fell asleep with both the TV still on, and my computer still on as well. Woke up around 12.40am, felt really spaced out and confused. I can’t remember turning my computer off, I tried to remember today but I can’t remember doing it. I went downstairs to the toilet, still feeling really confused and weird. Came back upstairs and got in bed – another thing I can’t remember doing. I do remember turning the plugs off by the wall sockets though, I just about remember doing that. Fell asleep again almost instantly. Woke up again around 1.40am and felt really sick, I felt like I was going to be sick in my bed, I got up and went downstairs, went into the toilet, lifted the seat up and bent over, I felt really nauseous, felt like I was going to be sick in the toilet. I then felt like I needed to go to the toilet, which I did, and which, strangely, seemed to settle my stomach down. I then went back upstairs, feeling like I was in another world. Got back in bed and fell asleep almost instantly again. Slept the rest of the night then. Just a weird sequence of events. Partly due I guess to my illness and the drugs I take. It’s irritating not being able to remember doing things, I tried this morning, but I cannot remember shutting my computer down and getting into bed, that’s what bothers me the most, not being to remember. Weird night.

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