15-10-17 – Last Week

Not much happened last week. I saw my Doc on Wednesday, was great. She was running very late though – got caught in traffic, so I didn’t want to make her even later so I wasn’t in there long, which was fine, the past couple of weeks have been pretty steady for me so I didn’t really have much to talk about. The only thing that was bothering me was the day before I made an appointment at the dentist for a check up, but they made an appointment with a man, so that was worrying me on Tuesday afternoon, I couldn’t decide whether to cancel and make a new appointment with a lady or just keep it, so I chatted with the Doc about that for a bit, and decided that I was going to cancel. So I finished my appointment with the Doc, I see her again in 2 weeks, and I went over the dentist and cancelled the appointment and then made a new one with a lady dentist, I think the receptionist kinda looked a bit funny when I said I wanted one with a lady, but that’s OK.  I felt a little bit awkward because the other receptionist was the one I made the original appointment with so I got that feeling that they might have talked between themselves after I left about me wanting an appointment with a lady, felt a little paranoid. But thinking about it I’d rather have that happen than see a man. I despise seeing a man, it first started just about mental health stuff – mental health is a lady’s domain. But it’s that way with everything now, I can’t stand seing a man about anything, I have no desire at all to see a man full stop. So I was glad I changed the appointment. Other than that nothing else to report, although I have been thinking a little bit about self harming, nothing too serious at the moment, just daydreams.

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