Last Week

Last week was alright I suppose, what I can remember of it anyway, no depressive feelings, okay I think. I’m kinda glad that the weekend came, time to just stay in and recharge, it’s very tiring going out and dealing with people, even though I barely talk to them, it’s still tiring. So recharge the brain. Was physcially tired yesterday, just medication tiredness.

On Friday I was over the club and I am sure that people were talking about me up by the bar, they started talking quietly all of a sudden. I don’t know whether that’s just me and my delusions or if it was reality but it irritated me a lot. It’s still irritating me now. Especially as one of them was someone I really dislike a lot, what a little shit.

Anyway, on the plus side, only a week and half to go until I see the Doc again, so something to look forward to.

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