Great Visit on 22-9-17

Saw my Doc last Friday afternoon, it was a fantastic visit. She has helped me out bigtime these past few months with something and because of her help I had some good news so I was in a good mood for a change. So I guess it was nice for her to see me in a good mood. I told her how thankful and grateful I was for her help. She was so supportive, just truly amazing, her thoughtfulness and support never ceases to amaze me. So it was great, I felt so good leaving her room. Also, she told me something private about herself, which made me feel great that she trused me enough to tell me something like that. The moment I leave the surgery I’m counting down the days until I see her again, I know I keep going on about how great she is, but it’s true. She’s the only person I trust in my life right now, she’s like a rock, always there for me to lean on.

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