I have a cold, brilliant! It’s only a fairly mild cold though. I’m really happy I have one, it would have been nice if it was a bit worse, but at least I have a mild one, I can just sit back and enjoy it now.


Saw my Dr. yesterday, had another great chat with her. Felt great afterwards. I feel so, I suppose you could say, free when I’m talking to her. I hide my true feelings from everyone else, everyone, except for her, it’s nice to have one confidant you can share things with, it does get tiring at times constantly hiding things and putting on a front for everyone else.


So she calls him to see the Golden Boy, but doesn’t call me, as per usual I’m left out. As per usual my entire lifetime I’m the outcast, which sometimes I like and sometimes I don’t, this being one of them. I should be used to being on the outer, but it never gets easier and it’s never something I have gotten used to.