Got a phonecall on Wednesday from the surgery, saying that my Dr. won’t be there on Friday when my next appointment was. So they asked do I want to see a different Dr. or not, i said no I’d rather stay with Dr. P, so they said OK and booked me a new appointment on 30th June. I was disappointed, I was looking forward to seeing her on Friday, but it can’t be helped, I hope she’s OK. I was quite pleased how I handled the phonecall, I have a bad phone phobia, but when the number came up as private, I knew there was a good chance it was the surgery, but I stayed calm and talked clear, I was pleased with that.

My cuts are quite dried up now and healing well, I still cover them when I go out, and when I go to be at night, but in the day I leave them uncovered, got some blood on my round the house tracksuit bottoms, but that’s okay, I can get it off easily enough.

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