Today I was over the club, man comes in, known him for a while but hardly see him. He starts asking me what’s on my t-shirt that I’m wearing (it was an Abysmal Grief shirt), so I said no you’re not looking, he says come on what’s on it, I said nothing. He said why are you ashamed of it, I said I’m not (which I wasn’t). I don’t like situations like that, purely because I’m the centre of attention, even if only for a couple of minutes. The other couple of people up by the bar stopped and watched, which makes me the centre of attention even more, which drives me crazy. I hate being the centre of attention, all I want is just to be left alone, and to do my own thing without being questioned, I don’t like attention. He eventually saw my shirt, when I was about to leave, why the fascination with my shirt I wonder, who cares what anyone is wearing. Anyway as I said I hate attention and I do not want it, it irritated me a little bit after I left, forgetting about it now though.

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