I’ve had a cold for the past week or so, not a bad one, quite mild unfortunately. It’s cleared quicker than what I wanted, I love having a cold, I enjoyed it while it lasted, I’m lucky to get one cold a year, I think I’m just too healthy.

I saw my Dr. today, this afternoon, was a great visit. I was actually in a good mood seeing her, she said “why are you in a good mood today?” and I said “because I’m seeing you”. Which is true, I get happy and excited when I get to see her, she’s the only one in my life who I can talk openly to. She said it’s nice seeing me so often so that not only does she see me when my moods are low, but she can also see me when I happen to have a good day too.

I live a very negative life, my outlook on life is negative, the way I view things is negative, my entire thought process is negative. So the only positive part of my life is seeing my Dr., everything else is negative.

Other than that, everything else has been going fairly good I suppose, my moods are up and down, I felt a bit down yesterday, just my everlasting cycle.

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