Last week was a bit up and down, okay for Monday and Tuesday. I was drained physically on Wednesday, just from medication. Thursday I felt depressed in the afternoon, was alright in the first half of the day, but just felt down in the afternoon and evening, partly because of my family, ignoring me yet again, which gets me down. I didn’t talk to them on Friday, which of course when I do that they can’t be nicer to me then. So Friday was also a down day. Saturday felt pretty good, talked to my family again. I did feel very drained physically again on Saturday, slept some in the afternoon, and didn’t take long to fall asleep when I did go to bed later on, again, medication build up. Today was fairly good, watched a movie and some TV shows, felt a little ignored earlier, but there you go, the cycle will carry on. Thoughts of self harm abound, but they’re always there, like an obsessive thought.

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