Went to see my Doc today, really nice visit, had a lovely chat, gave me a nice boost. She said to me is it helping, coming down to see me every 2 weeks, and I said yes a lot, so she said okay that’s good, we’ll carry on with that, which made me feel good.

While I was in the waiting room waiting for my appointment, someone came and sat next to me, and they were humming, absolutely stinking. There’s no wonder I don’t like being around people when they smell like that. I mean, even when I’m depressed, even when I feel like I’m in the depths of despair I still have a shower, I still clean myself, wear nice clean clothes, spray deodorant on myself. And when I have an appointment with someone I will always do my best to be presentable. Why can’t some people make an effort, especially when you’re going to see a doctor or a nurse, make a fricken effort, instead of smelling like shit!