Felt great yesterday afternoon and evening. Felt like I was just floating, it’s amazing the effect cutting yourself makes, I felt so relaxed, I just chilled out for the rest of the day.


Late afternoon and evening yesterday I started to feel depressed again, very depressed. got up this morning, in 20 minutes I knew I wasn’t going to feel any better today, felt the same, depressed. I lay down for most of the morning, thinking about self harm for most of the time, then I cut myself at around 11.20am, big relief, I feel really good now, nice and relaxed, content. It was a pretty good cut, I’m quite happy with it. So I’ll actually be able to enjoy today now and not feel miserable all day.


I feel not too bad today. The depression is coming on in waves. Yesterday afternoon I felt depressed, but got up this morning and felt some relief, I feel fairly good this afternoon. Like I said it seems to be coming in waves at the moment, one day I feel more depressed than another day. Eventually I will self harm, I always do, but it won’t be today. I kinda feel like just relaxing and listening to funeral doom today.