I saw Dr P on Wednesday, and she had bad news for me. She told me that Dr B is leaving the practice, and it has really upset me a lot. Dr B was the only person who’s been close to me these past 4-5 years, I haven’t let anyone get anywhere near as close to me as Dr B was. I’m really going to miss seeing her, I’ve been feeling upset for the past few days, still do. I could talk to her about things that I would never even mention to other people, she was so easy to talk to, and so caring. I bought her a thank you gift and card, which I’ll give to Dr P to pass on to her on Dec 23rd when I see Dr P again. I must say though, I’m lucky that I now have Dr P, because she is also a caring and sensitive Doctor, I’m looking forward to getting to know her better, and my instincts tell me I can let her get on my inner circle like i did with Dr B. I’m just feeling upset and sad at the moment at the thought of not seeing Dr B again, I’m going to miss her loads, but I do hope that she’ll be happy with whatever she decides to do in the future, a special Doctor… deserves the best.

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