Sometimes I really want to totally lose it and be put into a mental asylum for the rest of my life, just so I can escape having to deal with people and life anymore. Just let me sit in a room on my own and keep me away from life, it’s very tiring having to deal with everything that people throw at you and I just want to give up sometimes and be left alone.


Had to catch the bus today, couldn’t wait to get off. It was alright up towards the back, didn’t smell too badly, but once I had to get off and walked down to the front, there was a smell, disgusting. Was glad to get the fresh air in my lungs.


Legs were aching a bit yesterday evening from walking earlier on, it’s a nice feeling. Felt pretty tired too. Feeling a bit flat, some small thoughts of self harming, nothing too concrete at the moment, other than that, things are not too bad I suppose.


I went to see Dr. P yesterday, she said the letter from my psychiatrist said about reducing my dosage down a little bit. I said to the Doc I wanted to stay on 10mg, which she said, yeah that’s fine. 10mg suits me, I like it. But she said yeah that’s fine, no problems, so that went good. It was so good to see her, have a little chat, she said I was lovely, which is a compliment I never hear, so that made me feel really good. She’s a wonderful person.