I had a letter midweek from the medical centre saying they had received a letter from my mental health team, and would I go down and make an appointment to see the doctor. So I made an appointment for next Wednesday with Dr. P. It’s about my sleepwalking incident, but I’m just going to say that I’m happy on my current medication (if it is about me changing or changing dosage). What I’m on now suits me (apart from the odd sleep incident), I like what I’m on now and the dosage, so I’m going to say can I just keep things the same.

I’m glad that I got that letter though, it’ll be nice to see the Doctor, I’ve been feeling unhappy so maybe it’ll give me a boost seeing a lovely lady. I was thinking about going down there anyway, but that letter last week, has given me an excuse now.

Apart from that not much happening, family upsetting me at times, but what’s new. It’s great that as soon as I exit the room, go upstairs, whatever, then he goes downstairs, as soon as he hears me coming up… nice, makes me feel wonderful. Maybe I’m too sensitive, well, I KNOW I’m too sensitive, but I can’t help it bothering me. I wish I lived by myself in a cabin by the woods, with no people around and no one to upset me. People = trouble (apart from a very few special ladies I know).


Not much to report this week. I’ve been in the house every day. Really enjoying this cold I’ve got. Not the worse one I’ve ever had, but enough to make me enjoy it. So I’ve been listening to music, watching stuff on TV, lying down. Great stuff. Moods have been fine, but they always are when I’m physically ill.

So I forgave what my family said about me. I was mad for a few days and gave them the silent treatment, which made them talk and act nice towards me. To be honest I just didn’t feel like being negative for an extended period of time, so just let it go (nearly). Besides, it’s what I think of myself so obviously their not wrong are they?


So I caught the bus home yesterday, which I don’t do very often, don’t like being that close to a lot of other people. This man gets on and has nearly the whole bus to choose a seat, and sits right behind me. Why are humans so stupid.

Anyways, on the plus side I spoke to a sweet little lady in the chemist, which made me feel a little good.


So my family thinks that:

a) I’m a greedy cow.

b) I’m a bighead and a show off.

and c) That I am lazy, and I don’t do anything.

So not only do I think I’m a piece of shit but my family does too! Brilliant!