So I went to see my Doctor today, walked down, everything was fine. I’m in the waiting room and a Doctor comes out and calls me, except it isn’t my Doctor, it’s a different one. So I went in and said “I was supposed to see Dr. B today”, and the Doctor said to me, “She’s having some time off” So I sat down and asked what her name was and she said Dr. P, so i started talking to her and this new Doctor is absolutely lovely too, I enjoyed my small chat with her, she seems like a really great lady, maybe in time someone I can trust along with my normal Doctor. I can always tell straight away when I meet someone if I can talk to them about things, and I got that feeling straight away with Dr. P. It’s good knowing that if Dr. B is off for any length of time I have Dr. P there to see. It’s nice having a couple of ladies to see, makes you feel a little less alone. I said about wanting to stay on my usual medication as opposed to switching (if it came to that) and she said, that’s fine. At least I know that if I have a depressive episode or self harming episode while Dr. B is away I have Dr. P there to talk to.

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