17th, 8, 16.

Sums me up quite nicely, the amount of times I go out and flash some fake smiles, say “I’m alright” when asked how I am, when inside I feel terrible, I’ve lost count how many times I do that. It’s quite common so I read with people like me. I really can’t say why I say I’m alright when I’m not, I know that I don’t want people knowing how I really feel for some reason. I know that I am so private and I don’t like anyone knowing how I feel. Maybe I don’t like anyone knowing I feel terrible because it makes me seem weak, and I don’t want to feel weak in front of people, I always try to keep my guard up. I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

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Depressive ~ Unstable ~ Self Harmer ~ Suicidal ~ Manic ~ Psychotic ~ Social Phobic ~ Anxious ~ OCD ~ Introvert ~ Music-A-Holic ~ Metalhead ~ Animal Lover ~ Nature Lover ~ Loyal

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