Saw my Auntie yesterday, was a nice visit, she’s got bipolar so we have a lot in common. Like she said to me in a message after she got home though, it’s hard to talk about things in front of my family. Maybe one day we can get together on our own and have a chat about private things. Anyway, it was good to see her.


Had my blood test yesterday, it went great, I just love it when that needle goes through my skin, such a great feeling. Went out from the health centre, over the club, it still feels a bit weird over there, knowing that they lied to me, but there we go.


Saw my doctor today, made me feel good, she always makes me feel good. She told me I could have another ECG today, which I did, she said the last one didn’t read properly, that’s why it said it was slightly different, the sticky pads weren’t on properly. So I had the ECG, with my favourite nurse, and that was fine, everything normal. My doc said that my liver is above normal again, so I have to have another blood test on Friday, then I’ll see her a week after for the results. And that concludes my day, which was actually really good.


So, I’ve been going over the club now for a good few years, the one in charge has been opening up at about 8.15 – 8.20 am every morning. So I walk over for that opening time a few times a week, there’s this other idiot who also goes there at this time, same as me. So the one in charge says a week or two ago that they won’t be in until 9 am anymore, I say that’s fine, no problem. So i start going over there at 9 am, well it turns out that they are still opening up at around 8.15 am. I know this because when I get there at 9 am, that other idiot is already there and has nearly finished his drink, also the one in charge has finished their cup of coffee. So it’s obvious that they don’t want me there early anymore. It’s just typical, I am unwanted everywhere I go. No one welcomes me, no one is pleased to see me, and when I do find somewhere to go, they get tired of me and want to get rid of me. It’s happened before, it’s happening now, and it’ll probably happen again. I don’t know why I bother even trying.