En Buss

Had to catch the bus this morning, it was full of people, all breathing on me, disgusting. I felt homicidal. I only just managed to find a seat without sitting next to anyone.


Had someone ask to cancel an eBay order, because postage was too high, even though the postage was there to be looked at before they bid, but nooo they complain about it after they buy it.

No Thanks

I was out walking this morning, and had the chance for a lift from someone, I declined. Honestly, I’d rather stick a needle in my eye than make small talk with a male in a car for 5 minutes, plus I’d rather walk near nature on my lonesome for half an hour.


Just watched The Howling again, haven’t seen it in years, really good flick. I’d love to be a werewolf, I feel like one sometimes. I think there are a lot of parallels between bipolar and lycanthropy, the fact you can change from one into something else instantly, very similar.