Saw the Doc last Friday. Had a good talk with her, told her how everything went with the two mental health workers I saw in the past few weeks. Told her how good it was to go in depth on things, especially things I’ve never been in depth on before. The Doc listened and was really interested in what I was saying, she’s about the only one who’s like that with me. She was glad that everything went well though, she asked if I was happy that she referred me back to the mental health team, and I said yes I was, it’s been going good so far. Told her about getting leaflets off the nurse about self help groups, which I was very unsure of, I don’t really like mixing too much. She understood, just said do the psychotherapy and see how that goes, which I agree with her, I’ll do that and see how far it takes me. So we had a good talk. She didn’t have any appointments in 2 weeks, so I’m down to see her in December now, but she did look at her schedule and said she would phone me in 2 weeks, just to see how I’m doing. Not many Doctors would offer to do that, she’s one of a kind.

Not much else to say, moods at the moment – not too bad. Enjoying the cold weather, I love it cold.