Start of the week has been so-so. My anxiety symptoms are still present. Still getting the physical symptoms, it’s not pains, but discomfort, and it’s very irritating. This is the longest that physical symptoms have ever lasted I think.

Other than that, pretty quiet, nothing bad has happened, just been going the same. Still getting the self harm thoughts constantly, and just general negative thoughts. I’m looking forward to seeing the doc again next Friday, I’m starting to feel like I can talk to her so it’ll be nice to have a chat with someone about things.

6-4-18 [5]

Still feeling the effects of anxiety, the physical effects that is. Because mentally I’m not worried about anything at the moment, I’m just getting the physical symptoms of anxiety, which is extremely irritating. But, not much I can do about it.

Other than that the week went okay I suppose. Just done all the usual stuff. Getting self harm thoughts every day, every day it goes through my mind without fail. By the time they are strong though I feel too tired to do it. I will succumb eventually and I will self harm.