Saw the Doc last Thursday and they want another blood test from me because my calcium levels were a bit low, she said that it’s nothing to worry about as it’s only just below normal. I had the second blood tests today, which I enjoyed, I love watching that needle go in to me. The appointment with the Doc on thursday went good, I had a nice chat with her, old her I was thinking of buying some needles to use on myself, she said, is that a good idea? Which obviously it’s not, I know that deep down but it’s something I like doing so that’s the way it is. I enjoyed the chat with her, felt great when I left. Found out that her birthday is on 8th September, so I’ll get her a card and some choccies.

Other than that, a pretty quiet weekend.


So, an update. Moods have been pretty much the same, up and down. I get up in the morning, get a slight relief, then they just go down as the day wears on. Monday was a very subdued day for me, felt very flat all day long, today has been a bit better. I’ve been eyeing up some syringe needles online too, I might buy some soon, play around with them.

I had my bloods taken nearly 2 weeks ago, got a phonecall a few days later, saying I needed more. They want to re-do the bone test, I don’t know why. I have an appoinment with Dr. H on Thursday, I’ll ask then why I had to have them re-done. I’m having it taken on Monday of next week. I am intruiged why they wanted to re-do the bone test, just wondering why, what could possibly be wrong with my bones, anyway I’ll find out soon enough.

I had a family gathering a week and a half ago. Which was very tiring, physically and especially mentally. I felt drained afterwards. But also guilty, guilty that I should have enjoyed myself more, that I should have been happier. When I’m around people for too long I start to feel depressed, then I feel bad because of that which makes me feel even worse. It’s really difficult.

Other than that, not much else to say.